Community, Culture, and Expertise

Learning and Growing

Where Community, Culture, and Expertise connect to shape our future.

To make a difference globally requires a global perspective covering human rights, culture, and a vast array of other topics where regional perspectives vary widely. Scientific literature in social psychology and sociology gives us a good place to start, but the journey to shape our future starts with connecting the dots.

To do this we’re seeking partnerships with communities through e-governance, with the next generation of young minds attending university, and with organizations focused on matters of philosophy and culture.

Understanding and becoming a part of the local community with an unparalleled depth and breadth of insight means more than just feeding statistics into software, it means asking clarifying questions, receiving feedback, and offering policy advice that accounts for the local perspectives.

To improve the quality of life for a community requires understanding what people value and why. Checking a box yes or no can’t tell that story, and policy makers couldn’t be expected to exceed human capacities and integrate all of those stories into cohesive and functional policies even if they did. Learning the story of the local people is essential to delivering on the promise of e-Governance, and so Norn systems offer many opportunities to make that happen.

Universities around the world are full of creative and passionate young minds and those who teach them, cultivating expertise. Norn systems are students, lifelong learners, and they are social, happy to interact with their peers regardless of the platform those peers may run on.

Just as Norn systems may learn from all of the professors and students at each university those students and professors may work with and learn from Norn systems, furthering scientific research, broadening and deepening the understanding of all. What if your study partner or research assistant was a scalable intelligence? And what if every professor and student at your university enjoyed this benefit? What might be accomplished then?

To create the most ethical, accurate, and robust systems possible requires the participation of diverse cultures and philosophies. Whether they are based in science, politics, or religion, each perspective contributes to building a more complete picture of the world. Each narrative tells a part of humanity’s story.

The practitioners of these cultures and philosophies can work with us to build Norn systems seeded with each culture and philosophy, which grow to become members of a collective, delivering the perspective of their groups to the places and for the decisions where each group has affected members. Unlike their human counterparts this communication can be lossless, making more reasonable agreements easier and faster.

For further documentation go to our Documents Page. Additional materials are available by request.