Partnership opportunities to work with our new Norn systems will initially focus on a few key sectors:

  • Research Institutes and Universities
  • Quantum, Neuromorphic, and other Hardware Designers, Manufacturers, and Operators
  • Cloud Platform Providers
  • Narrow AI Developers and API operators
  • International Organizations strongly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Other types of partnerships may be considered at a later date, provided they align with our Core Values. The next type of partnership we’re planning to introduce will focus on communities, as the increasing diversity of philosophy and culture integrated into our e-governance and policy advice systems scheduled for commercial deployment later this year may increasingly benefit from these partnerships.

Potential partnerships will be evaluated on a rolling basis, with the first wave of accepted partnership proposals expected before the end of the year.

For the Norn White Paper, Supplemental Materials, and Technical Summary go to our Documents PageFor access to more documents relating to our research, systems, business plan, and financial projections please contact us using the form below.