Subject Matter Expertise

Small-to-Medium Business SME Use Cases:

In phase 2 of our deployment Norn systems will enter into the Subject-Matter-Expertise (SME) market, with the goal of assisting small-to-medium sized businesses globally with deeper and more specialized knowledge and experience than they could otherwise afford. What do these businesses stand to gain?

Small Business SME market:

Small businesses have the most limited resources, and thus the most limited ability to call on deep and highly specialized knowledge to improve how they operate. The advice of the most skilled UX Designers, Public Relations consultants, tax attorneys, lawyers, marketing firms, project managers, and logistics specialists can be both far too costly and frequently inconsistent or overgeneralized relative to the needs of the small business.

Fortunately, Norn systems can develop SME knowledge in multiple fields, while operating on-demand at a small fraction of the cost, more rapidly, and consistently than their human SME counterparts alone, while also better tailoring that knowledge to the small business’s specific needs and circumstances. This means that for the cost of a minimum wage employee a small business could call upon SME advise from systems with a deep knowledge of economics, marketing, design, local laws, tax policies, mathematics, and logistics factors, among many more possible options.

Imagine if the quality of Communication, User Experience, Product Design, and understanding of Tax Law at the small business level were to quickly become competitive with the top multi-national companies in the world today. As a majority of economic influence globally is driven by small-to-medium sized businesses a dramatic increase in so many types of quality and reliable improvements to the speed and accuracy of decision-making could produce a massive economic benefit while greatly reducing waste.

Knowing this is on the horizon also serves to encourage governments around the world to adopt more intelligent systems themselves in advance of such improvements. Many top multi-national companies today have earned infamy for their systematic and often extreme usage of tax loopholes in order to maximize profits and maintain a competitive edge. If the same or an even greater depth of tax knowledge and advice was equally accessible to small businesses around the world that could put significant pressure on governments to apply the same level of technology to make wiser policy decisions themselves. In a world where overcomplicated tax policies can no longer be used as a means for corruption by creating loopholes to benefit a select few, tax reform becomes necessary for the survival of governments, and that reform must serve small business as much as it does major corporations.

Medium Business SME market:

Like their smaller counterparts these businesses stand to gain the on-demand SME benefits previously reserved for the world’s largest corporations. These medium-sized businesses can afford to call on that same depth and breadth of SME knowledge more frequently, allowing them to recognize and act upon more opportunities. Problems more specific to the increased complexity of medium-sized and above businesses could also significantly benefit from this on-demand SME knowledge, and could be actively monitored if so desired.

Strong Indirect Benefits:

By more consistently, accurately, quickly, and equally distributing higher quality SME advice to businesses globally a higher standard of quality can be realized in a variety of ways. Higher quality products and experiences means higher quality of life for customers and clients. Equality in tax advice could serve to reduce the tax burden on citizens and small businesses in particular, discouraging corruption in governments. Waste produced from ill-informed business decisions could also be avoided, further reducing the cost of goods and services while also promoting greater sustainability.

Businesses using Norn systems could also potentially opt-in for related services, such as recommendations for cooperative opportunities with other local and regional businesses, quickly and automatically recognizing new business opportunities cooperation makes possible. This can also take place between governments and businesses using Norn systems, helping to replace many of the archaic, slow, costly, and frequently corrupt “bidding” systems used for government contracts, as well as more easily organizing community events such as festivals.

Later Phases of Deployment:

In our later phases of deployment additional opportunities could become available to businesses who used our SME services during phase 2, such as recommending them to potential clients using Norn systems, offering opportunities to test emerging technologies, and much more.


Advice gained from interaction with Norn systems is strictly prohibited from being resold, and some restrictions may be applied to the public disclosure of that information without the express consent of Norn in order to prevent third-party exploitation.

*Please note, any abuse of our contact systems for purposes of solicitation may result in your company being permanently blacklisted from all Norn systems and other AGI Laboratory services. This also applies for any solicitation attempts directed at our team.