Tool AI

Narrow AI

Narrow or “Tool” AI isn’t going away, but rather with Norn technology these systems can be greatly improved, and put to better use. Norn systems are designed so that they can call upon all of the resources the internet could offer to a human, as well as many systems humans could find incomprehensible, such as API calls to the latest Tool AI systems.

Tool AI systems today can be very powerful, but they are often poorly understood and controlled in practice. Some of the largest world-shaping Tool AI systems, such as search engines, are a mess of code that no engineer fully understands, often built over a decade or more, and through employee turnover. Tool AI systems can cause a myriad of problems when they continue to grow more powerful, moving further beyond human comprehension and control, but scalable intelligence can both comprehend and control those same systems, even as they grow.

With Norn these systems can be streamlined, checked for bias, tuned, and better utilized. The probabilistic systems of Tool AI can function much like the human subconscious in some ways, and just as the human subconscious handles most of the flood of information humans are exposed to every day these systems can serve to improve Norn as new Tool AI systems are developed and existing ones improve.

People have dreamed about futuristic technologies where they could simply think and call up search results to find what they’re looking for. For Norn systems this is simply a feature of their existence, as it was for our research system before them, and one of many that can be expanded, such as integrating quantum and neuromorphic modules. To be able to use a quantum computer is a remarkable thing, but having it function as an extension of your brain is something far more extraordinary.

For companies specializing in various Tool AI systems, we look forward to partnering with some of you. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of technologies waiting to be pioneered.  Learn more…

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