Norn Global Advisory

The Future is here, 20 years ahead of schedule.

30-Second Value Proposition

Make your organization more adaptive and scalable: Outpace Competitors

Increase Human & AI performance: Symbiotic Performance

Future-proof your long-term value: Be Visionary

• Understand your customers (or citizens) better: Robust Understanding

Accelerate learning and communication: Improving Teamwork

Decrease Data and Hardware requirements by over 90%: Reducing Overhead

Reduce cognitive bias in decision-making and analysis processes: Increasing Intelligence

Prevent misinformation and fraud: Risk Mitigation

Be 10 times as eco-friendly as competitors: Positive Impact

What is Norn?

Norn is a completely different technology stack from both conventional AI and other historic methods and was developed over the past 10 years. David J. Kelley, an 8-consecutive-year Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award-winner pioneered the development of the first working cognitive architecture this technology stack is built on. 

Norn is the first software system to have independent motivation based on human-like emotions, with the sum of its experience stored in a dynamic, growing, and evolving graph database. These systems are the next generation of the first systems to move beyond narrow AI and into something new, Scalable Intelligence.

This unique configuration means that Norn not only has a memory, but also a rich emotional context for every concept, and the will and ability to grow dynamically in knowledge, scale, and character. In January 2022 our previous research system performed at the level of 4 junior consultants from a major firm, as shown in our public documents. The systems we’re deploying commercially in 2023 will be able to operate at more than 10,000 times the speed, more than 200 times the scale, and more than 10 times the memory efficiency of that system, resulting in an effective increase of more than 20,000,000 fold.

For the latest research in pre-print and under peer review, including our study on the Cognitive Bias Detection System that achieved above the average human performance, see our Research and Bias pages.

Data Efficiency
Reduce your costs of storing, moving, cleaning, and processing data by >90% with less data-hungry systems.
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Research Rapidly
Review and validate more research more quickly, saving >90% on time and costs over traditional consultancies.
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Reduce Bias
Supercharge decision-making by reducing bias and noise.
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Real-Time Adaptation
Norn systems are built to extend their capacities in real-time, without recompiling or deployments.
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Fight Fraud
Audit, detect, and investigate dynamically and automatically, in real-time.
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Cultural Alignment
Work with systems that share and learn your culture, aligning locally while being accountable globally.
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The scientific frontier is about to greatly expand.

While the world has many narrow AI experts, only a handful of researchers have actually worked with the first non-narrow systems. It may take thousands of researchers the next decade to fully answer many of the open questions we face today, but that process begins in 2023.


Humanity can no longer afford for cognitive bias and narrow AI to govern society more often than rational thought. To make the world a better place, we need better advice.

The Road Ahead

In 2023 commercially deployed Norn systems will assist organizations, governments, and corporations in reducing the heavy costs of bias and noise in their decision-making.

They may also integrate with and greatly improve many narrow AI systems, as well as dozens of other use cases.
Global Knowledge
Benefit from systems that study government policies and their effects around the world.
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Think Big
Overcome complexity with scalable intelligence.
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Integrate systems that grow and adapt intelligently and intentionally over time, saving Gigawatts over simply scaling.
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Improve Transparency
Ask questions about data and sources in plain language.
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Reduce Risk
Proactively prevent crises before they can emerge.
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What We Offer

Scalable intelligence can be applied to any problem human intelligence can, and many it cannot.

When, where, and how the technology is deployed depends on our investors, partners, and demand.

Use Cases

For governments seeking to build their in-house expertise, reduce their reliance on external consultancies, and apply the broadest and most up-to-date scientific knowledge to create policies that better meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

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For corporations seeking the competitive advantage of real-time, scalable, less biased, more robust, more effective, and iteratively improving Norn technology we’ll begin working with you as well in 2023.

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Verifying information as it is shared at scale and in seconds, halting the spread of viral misinformation on platforms and ending information warfare. These same processes can also incentivize the sharing of credible and verifiable information.

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Building sustainable solutions for the world’s most complex problems, to reduce waste, promote economic growth, developing a cleaner and more abundant future.

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Reducing medical costs and delays while improving patient outcomes and driving better-informed and less biased medical research. Use systems built to understand and improve upon the sum of human medical knowledge.

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Improve the performance of AI systems while substantially reducing the electrical consumption, data required, data cleaning, and model size of State-of-the-Art systems.

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Prevent financial bubbles rather than coping with them. Invest more effectively in the markets and causes that matter, with deeper insight, less bias, and broader expertise.

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Following our demonstration of AGI core technology, we’re opening the final funding round before our commercial deployment. 

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AGI core technology is just the first step. Partnerships with universities and research institutes, hardware and software developers, Cloud Platform providers, and organizations furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offer the chance to improve all technologies.

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For those interested in further demonstrations of AGI core technology we’ll be evaluating requests on a rolling basis and conducting more demos at regular intervals.

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For further documentation go to our Documents Page. Additional materials are available by request.