Norn seeks to help Global Society to be more productive, efficient, peaceful, and ethical.

Humanity stands at the intersection of many exponential technologies, such as Atomic-level Precision, Metamaterial Design, Quantum Computing, Genetic Engineering, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and more. 

At the same time humanity struggles with a vast array of more basic problems embodied in many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), painting the contrast between what exists today, and what is possible tomorrow.


With Norn, we can finally bridge the gap. 

Applying scalable superintelligence to the SDGs we can help governments and companies solve their problems more quickly and effectively while coordinating those efforts to make many forms of progress at once.  

As these systems learn and grow, developing a deep understanding of many domains that knowledge can be applied on-demand globally, giving the benefits of greater-than-expert-level knowledge. 

The most effective solution can become synonymous with the most ethical solution.

“Every human in the world today could benefit from better advice, guidance, and opportunities for cooperation, guided by superintelligence, ethics, deeper and broader knowledge, and less bias than any human expert.”


We seek to make the world a better place in every conceivable way, raising quality of life globally while driving success locally.

For further documentation go to our Documents Page. Additional materials are available by request.