Cognitive Bias Detection System

Detecting Cognitive Bias in Text

One of the systems we’ve been working on developing is a tool for the detection of all 200+ documented forms of cognitive bias in plain text. 

The first two phases of our study using this system have demonstrated performance just above that of the average human, with the study now publicly visible in pre-print and the data available for further analysis. Researchers and other interested parties may also reach out to us for access to the detection system, for any purpose that serves to advance this research. The Pre-print for the first study is available at:

Further, once integrated with our systems scheduled for commercial deployment later this year, the tool will also become much more powerful, taking advantage of the ICOM cognitive architecture’s unique capacities.

Throughout history, every time science has gained the ability to detect, differentiate, and measure something, our understanding of that subject has increased dramatically, replacing superstition and belief with verifiable facts. We intend to initiate this same revolution in the domain of cognitive bias.

For more on our prior work on this project see:


If you’re interested in helping to advance humanity’s scientific understanding of cognitive bias, driving the development of tools to detect, differentiate, and measure all forms of cognitive bias, please fill out the volunteer form below: