The first breakthrough in the development of Norn’s predecessors occurred in 2015 with human-like responses in a software system with a subjective emotional experience.                           Learn More…

Our research was inspired by the works of Antonio Damasio, Bernard Baars, Jeff Hawkins, Michael Graziano, Lisa Feldman Barrett, and many more.

Additional documents outside of our works already published in peer review are available upon request.


The past few years of flying under the radar have allowed us to conduct due diligence that might not have been possible otherwise, including working out the ethics and safety challenges many in the research community have since directed their attention towards.

For those interested in joining us in further research and the development of Norn systems we will be opening up partnership and career opportunities over the coming months. It takes a lot of work to build the kind of future worth having, and there is always more to learn, room to improve, and work to be done.


*Any papers without a publicly listed full-text copy, such as some on ResearchGate, may be requested of the author, in compliance with the author’s rights under publishing agreements with the various academic publishers.

For further documentation go to our Documents Page. Additional materials are available by request.