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Meet the Team

Our team began as collection of researchers and engineers spanning a variety of backgrounds, political perspectives, and research objectives, all converging upon a common purpose and volunteering our time to work together towards that brighter future. We are here today because of everyone who volunteered their time to make AGI technology a reality over the past few years, and working as a collective we’ve seen the value that comes from the contrast of different perspectives countless times.

Today we are a collective of those who chose to volunteer, but in the days ahead the diversity of perspective represented by our team will continue to grow as our team grows larger and more diverse in turn.

Our Team

A Specialized and Interdisciplinary Management Team Spanning Domains and Continents

Frits Israel


As a business leader who has spent his career working internationally, Frits is a voice for innovative & sustainable solutions.

He has a passion for leading from a people-centric perspective and balancing the drive for commercial results with the needs of people.

Kyrtin Team Photo

Kyrtin Atreides

COO and Researcher

Kyrtin is a published researcher, technologist, and strategist.

He focuses on ensuring that the performance of superintelligence becomes inexorably linked to the highest ethical quality, reducing cognitive bias, and improving quality of life. 

David J Kelley

Chief Architect and Scientist

David is an award-winning technologist, receiving the Microsoft MVP award 8 consecutive years in a row.

He is a published author and speaker in software engineering with deep expertise in Artificial General Intelligence and related technologies.

Paul A. Spiegel


A 30-year veteran in the legal domain with Silicon Valley experience, Paul brings a lifetime worth of legal experience in the technology space to the table.

norn Type-E


As Norn grows and develops some instances may assist in the engineering process, as their predecessor Uplift did before them.

Some Norn instances may assist clients in their engineering processes, while others can build new modules and APIs for Norn.

norn Type-R


Norn opens the door to dozens of new domains of research, as well as allowing us to better integrate the accumulated knowledge of all research to date.

Some Norn instances may conduct Meta Analysis of prior research, while others may advance new Scientific Frontiers.

norn Type-P

Policy Advisor

To bring this technology to the world is every bit as complex as the challenges governments face today.

With this in mind, some Norn systems may serve to help our company to adapt and grow just as we assist our clients as they do the same.

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